1/ Static files acelerate

1.1/ Public CDN Service usage

1.2/ Github raw acelerate usage

1.3/ Images acelerate usage

2/ Fediverse

2.1/ Toots.social, A Mastodon instance visit

2.2/ Log.ci, wordpress with ActivityPub plugin visit

3/ Online Storage

3.1/ Use Telegram to host your files, just send files to @sendmefiles_bot

3.2/ JPG.CAT Images Hosting go to upload

4/ Usage tools

4.1/ URLs Shortener to use

4.2/ Cloudflare Partner panel to use

4.3/ Base64 Converter to use

4.4/ read and then burn to use

4.5/ Get Bing Daily Pictures to get

5/ Other

5.1/ Office 365 A1 account Get it for free

5.2/ 7ED Services' forum Yard

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